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premium black Acacia Wood Epoxy Coffee Table

premium black Acacia Wood Epoxy Coffee Table

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Acacia wood epoxy coffee table top
Base metal powder coated

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23"/23" ht-20"

Care Instructions

Wipe With Clean Thermal Cloth With Colin

A natural acacia wood epoxy coffee table is a stylish and unique piece of furniture that combines the organic beauty of acacia wood with the modern touch of epoxy resin. Here's a brief overview of what such a coffee table might entail

Good for indoor and outdoor purpose


  1. Acacia Wood: Acacia wood is known for its durability, unique grain patterns, and warm tones. It's a popular choice for furniture due to its natural beauty and resistance to various environmental conditions.

  2. Epoxy Resin: Epoxy resin is a versatile material that can be poured over surfaces to create a smooth, glossy finish. It's often used to enhance the appearance of wood by providing a clear and protective layer.

Construction Process:

  1. Selection of Acacia Wood: Choose a high-quality acacia wood slab with an interesting grain pattern. The natural irregularities and knots in the wood can add character to the finished table.

  2. Preparation of Wood: The acacia wood slab needs to be properly sanded and prepared before applying epoxy. This ensures a smooth surface and helps the epoxy adhere properly.

  3. Design/Layout: Plan the design or layout for the epoxy. Some people prefer to fill natural voids, cracks, or knots in the wood with epoxy for a unique look. Others may create intricate patterns or designs with the epoxy.

  4. Mixing and Pouring Epoxy: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for mixing the epoxy resin. Carefully pour it over the prepared wood surface, making sure to spread it evenly. The epoxy will self-level to create a smooth and glass-like finish.

  5. Curing: Allow the epoxy to cure for the recommended time. This may involve covering the table to prevent dust or debris from settling on the surface during the curing process.

  6. Sanding and Finishing: Once the epoxy is fully cured, sand the surface to achieve the desired smoothness. Apply a finish, such as a clear polyurethane or another sealant, to protect the wood and enhance its natural beauty.

  • UV Resistant
  • Does not turn yellow
  • Does Not Matting
  • No Blur
  • No Ripple
  • Top Segment Imported Epoxy
  • Upper Segment Cake
  • Upper Segment Polishing
  • Extra Resistant to Scratches
  • Vacuuming Technology
  • No Micro Air Bubbles
  • Heat Resistant
  • MS powder coated


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